Beat the Heat with These 10 Stylish Summer Ensembles for Men

Published Friday, May 12, 2023     By Styleesque Staff

1. The Linen Suit: Elegance Meets Comfort

The Linen Advantage

Linen is the quintessential summer fabric. It’s breathable, lightweight, and has moisture-wicking properties. A linen suit offers you the sophistication of a traditional suit but without the discomfort that comes with heavier fabrics in the summer heat.

Shirt Selection

When pairing a shirt with your linen suit, opt for one made of equally breathable fabric like cotton. A pastel-colored shirt can add a subtle touch of summer vibrancy to your look.

Footwear Fundamentals

Leather loafers are the ideal choice for footwear. They offer a polished look and are comfortable for all-day wear. Choose a color that complements your suit to tie the whole ensemble together.

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